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Still Here
August 23, 2007, 8:10 pm
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I put the effort into listening to the remainder of Meg Cabot’s Queen of Babble and despite a moment of wondering whether I could actually be enjoying it or not, well, I decided I could no longer stomach the content. (So much for books on CD!) After the second rambling description of Lizzie’s pantiless state I decided: “I cannot take any more of this.” Afterwards, I did wonder whether or not I was being fair. After all, it is a pop fiction book and perhaps it is not the best book to pair with Anna Karenina. Thus I decided to at least attempt some degree of a positive spin on the book but did not come up with much. Initially I thought perhaps I would compare Cabot to Melissa Banks or Judy Blume (her adult novels) but shuddered at the comparison. Perhaps Jennifer Cruisie is more appropriate.

I am still reading Anna Karenina and am more than a third of the way through the book and all I can say is that it is simply genius. I scanned one of those 100-greatest book lists at work the other day and it was interesting to see both of Tolstoy’s masterpieces War and Peace and Anna Karenina in the top three (keeping company with James Joyce’s Ulysses). I still have not read Dworkin’s bit on Tolstoy but it will be something for me to look forward to doing over the weekend. Regardless, Anna Karenina is a beautiful and captivating story. Tolstoy truly is a master at parallel structure, too.

Finally, this coming semester I am only taking two classes. One of these is an art history course that combines art and Jane Austen. Now before the Jane Austen fans get too excited I must confess I have never been a great fan of hers and our relationship has been rocky (to say the least). But as I spend such a good deal of time complaining about how poorly our education system is designed I have decided to take action. Unlike prior semesters jam packed with courses and paper writing I only have two and thus can put all the effort and time I want into this course. We will see how it goes.

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