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I Love Roger Ebert
September 28, 2007, 1:05 pm
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While reading through movie reviews of Jane Austen Book Club I stumbled across Roger Ebert’s review and had to share this excerpt:

What you need to know is that Austen is usually concerned about her heroine’s struggle to find the right romantic partner for her, despite her rivals, class prejudice, her own diffidence, the blindness of her loved one, the obstinacy of her family and economic necessities. You could say that Austen created Chick Lit and therefore Chick Flicks. You could, but I would not, because I despise those terms as sexist and ignorant. As a man, I would hate to have my tastes condescended to by the opposite of Chick Lit, which, according to Gloria Steinem, is Prick Lit. I read Jane Austen for a simple reason, not gender-related: I cannot put her down and often return to her in times of trouble.


Thanks for the great quote. I love Roger Ebert too.

Comment by lvmg (Lizzy)

A man of taste and refinement. Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Ms. Place

Roger Ebert is famous as a movie critic, but few people realize that he’s a gifted writer. I am so happy you appreciate him as I do!

Comment by T Y

Ebert consistently amazes me with his wealth of knowledge and intellect.

Comment by bookchronicle

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