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New Book Monday: October 8th – 12th
October 8, 2007, 10:14 am
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After much searching I finally found a website that lists (at least some) new book releases or an On-Sale Calendar. I really would like to read more new fiction that is coming out and my ambition is to read at least one new book a month (along with all of the classic gems I have been stumbling across), and on Mondays I am hoping for a regular post of what books that are coming out that week that I find interesting. This week I must admit I am not too terribly interested in any of the lay downs except the following.

A Lifetime of Secrets by Frank Warren otherwise known as the new Post Secret book. I have never read or even really flipped through any of the Post Secret books or online galleries. It is not really my thing and I have struggled to understand the phenomena. However, I am hoping at some point to sit down with the latest book (if not the three predecessors as well) and figure out exactly what is going down. If nothing else it will be an intriguing look at mixed media.

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