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(Early!) New Book Monday: October 15th – 19th
October 14, 2007, 6:44 pm
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Another long awaited book from Alice Sebold (the author of Lucky and The Lovely Bones): The Almost Moon. I read The Lovely Bones some years ago with an online book group and loved the book, and I reread it Sunday in preparation for this new release. During the past year there has been a spike in popularity for The Lovely Bones and much anticipation on my part for picking up her newest book. I can say I am quite excited to read the book and form my own opinion of the book as I have only had the teaser intro line of the narrator having killed her mother. It was interesting to see Publisher’s Weekly spot on the book stating it was “disappointing” versus Booklist’s “highly anticipated.”

One of the perks of working at a book store is the occasional advanced reading copy and I can say that Nick Hornby’s Slam had been sitting on my nightstand for weeks before I decided to splurge and read the book prior to the actual publication. (A first for me!)  I did finish the novel over the weekend and I cannot say my opinion of it changed too much with the conclusion of the book. Alicia has the baby, Sam’s imagined futures come true in an odd combination, and this futuristic Sam (i.e. 18-years-old rather than 16) is revealed. Overall it was a nice book, but not one I would recommend for adults as Hornby’s usual writing fashion seems toned down. However, it will be quite interesting to see what is made of this book when school reading starts for area high schools.

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