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First Saturday of the Month
November 3, 2007, 2:36 pm
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Ahh, my favorite day of the month – the first Saturday or book sale day! Here are some of my finds of the day (and all for $2.50):

Isabel Allende’s City of the Beasts
Willa Cather’s My Ántonia
Kent Haruf’s Plainsong
Betty Smith’s Maggie Now
Michael Chabon’s The Final Solution
Elie Wiesel’s Night
Kurt Vonnegut’s Palm Sunday
Michael Cunningham’s The Hours
The Great Short Stories of De Maupassant


I loved Wiesel’s “Night”. And i’m curious as to what you will think of Cather’s “My Antonia” because my grandmother has been begging me to read it claiming its her favorite book.

Comment by mysebrel

I read Cather’s “O Pioneers!” in women’s literature and recall a good deal of fun being poked at it with my partner, but I am quite excited about “My Antonia.”

Comment by bookchronicle

Wow, $2.50! How did you get such a good deal? Hardback or paperback?

I’m looking at your “Nov. Reads” section: have you finished “The Golden Compass” yet? I’ve read the last book of the trilogy “The Amber Spyglass” but haven’t read the first two books. I thought the 3rd book was eh, okay…but as with any book in a series, if you don’t start from beginning to end, you’ll be completely lost…as I was. Since “The Golden Compass” movie is coming out, I was toying with the idea of reading it. I’m eagerly awaiting your review!

Comment by T Y

TY: They are a mix of hardbacks and paperbacks. My public library has a “friends of the library” group that sells the used books from the library as well as donated books.

I have just started The Golden Compass, and so far it has been a bit of a slow read. I read it once in a high school book club, but I cannot remember a thing about it!

Comment by bookchronicle

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