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Hot Hot Fire!
November 14, 2007, 2:34 pm
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I have been absent from the Internet over the past few days as some extraordinary events have recently occurred in my life. Last Friday I received a phone call at work that my apartment building was on fire, and while I was very fortunate (as there was little damage) the weekend became quite chaotic resulting from an impromptu move. During all of this I did manage to finish The Golden Compass and Click, but I am not positive when I will be back online. My fingers are crossed that this coming Monday I will have the Internet at home.


Wow! Good thing you cataloged your books! It’s ironic how you were tinkering with the idea in case there is a fire and then said fire occurred. Life is strange isn’t it?

Comment by T Y

Thank goodness your collection is safe and that you are safe. I cannot imagine being able to read after such an event. Good for you!

Comment by Ms. Place

T Y: Now I am even more motivated than before to catalog all of my books so I can send the current list to the insurance company!

Ms. Place: Thank you for your thoughts. For the first few days I found myself entirely too agitated to read, but over the last day or two I found it to be the one thing that I found relaxing.

Comment by bookchronicle

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