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January 26, 2008, 4:42 pm
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Some of you may recall the fire and impromptu move I had this past November. At the time my books were mostly slapped upon the shelf, and a few days ago I finally got around to sorting my collection a bit more. Here are some pictures of my fiction collection:



What an impressive library! How do you keep your books so pristine?

Comment by T Y

T Y: I admit that usually my books are haphazardly slung about my home. As a result of my carelessness many of them sport coffee cup rings and some of my lesser liked books are put to ideal use as window props in the spring and summer. I initially took this picture because I am doubtful that it will last!

Comment by bookchronicle

Je t’adore! You did a splendid job.Even better than me. My library is scattered across three rooms. Yours is wonderfully compact and arranged. Kudos!

Comment by Ms. Place

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