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Literacy Group
February 12, 2008, 4:30 pm
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My literacy group’s meeting went well on Monday and I met with one of the sub-committees on Wednesday. I admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed as I am the youngest member and it is my first time in an organization using Robert’s Rules of Order where we will not be commencing at the bar afterwards. I joined a handful of committees including One Book, One Community, a family book-fair committee, and another committee that is involved with local drama (no pun intended). All in all I am quite excited and I am looking forward to these experiences.

On Wednesday I met with the group for One Book, One Community and after two hours it seemed not an enormous amount was accomplished but some footholds were definitely created. The main focus was budgeting our time and each of us (nine in all) will be exploring one author or novel to represent at the next meeting. Though I did not think he stood much of a chance I selected Huaruki Murakami. However, at work I stumbled across John Hamamura’s Color of the Sea and I am going to read it before the next meeting. It sounds like a beautiful story and fits into all of the mandated criteria.

Right now it looks like the preferred novel (not mine though) is Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas. The book discussion has been interesting as our sole male committee member brought up the point of gendered books, that is, that infamous that infamous term “chick lit.” I loathe this term myself, but it was being volleyed about the room so freely I went along with it. I try not to think of books as being directed at men or women, because any themes that are identified as being feminine or masculine more often than not is based on a gender binary.

Realistically though, I could not escape this discussion and I am going to pay extra attention during my reading of Color of the Sea to see how gendered the book is.

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