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You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail
February 20, 2008, 4:25 pm
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Though spring seems like it will never arrive and the last few days have been some of the coldest I have experienced all winter, the draw and hopefulness of spring attracted me to Gayla Trail’s You Grow Girl. Trail is the creator of and her gardening book fits in with the more modern genre of non-fiction that are self-described as having a punk rock approach to traditional activities.

What really sucked me into Trail’s book was her introduction where she lights on some all too true points. First, that most gardening books are deadly boring and aimed at middle- to upper-middle class, retired, suburbanites who seemingly have an endless supply of money and time to spend on their gardening hobby. Even self-acclaimed inexpensive gardening books or gardening in small spaces seldom actually fit into the reality that many urban/apartment gardeners face. With that in mind, You Grow Girl is a wonderful book for any beginning or intermediate gardener.

I confess that I do not have much luck with plants though I love them and the idea of growing. You Grow Girl has filled my mind many possibilities for this spring including composting, water conservation, and new plants. I even decided to forge ahead and purchased a container to hold Red Wigglers – worms – to begin naturally recycling some my household’s fruit, vegetable, egg shell, and tea bag waste.

So for all of you Stich N’ Bitchers and fans of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, here is another addition to your collection: You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail.

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