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One Book, One Community Update
March 5, 2008, 5:01 pm
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dscn1570.jpgMy One Book committee met again to farther refine our choices. I definitely did not give the group enough credit as any concerns I had for Sandra Dallas’ Tallgrass were unnecessary: it was immediately ruled out. In addition, my choice (so far) of John Hamamura’s Color of the Sea has made it to the second round for review along with Samurai Garden, The Commoner, When the Emperor Was Divine, and Nisei Daughter. Our next meeting is in two weeks and I would appreciate any comments on these selections if you’re familiar with them.

However, one of my concerns did prove reasonable and that was the question of sex in novels. After introducing and discussing why Color of the Sea had appealed to me I did remark that the novel did have, if not graphic, sex in it. Admittedly, simply because of that I am fairly sure it will be ruled out. The representation of sex or sexuality is not an issue for all the members, but at least one member – while agreeing that many high school required readings had sex in them – felt that we should not promote a book with sex in it. This was in regards to the novel Tallgrass and any actual or referred sex was much more toned down than it is in Color of the Sea.

I really do wish that I was participating with a committee that had less of a desire to incoporate the high schools to such a degree.

A picture of my last Amazon splurge until at least November!


“…last Amazon splurge until at least November”

will you still be getting books from library sales or have you cut yourself off completely?

Comment by Mys Ebrel

Mys Ebrel: I will still allow myself to peruse at the library sales, but I am being much more strick with myself than I have been in the past.

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