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Reading for Bookstore Adventures
March 15, 2008, 5:35 pm
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While shelving at work the other afternoon, I began to think of how often I reflect on work in my blog though I never discuss my blog at work. It’s not that there is any particular content I express that I wouldn’t share as much as I prefer the anonymity to express my opinions without having to second guess everything I write. Regardless, all of this reading does get “a foot” into the door of my workplace eventually.

Whether it’s ordering a specific title, creating a book display, or simply hand selling an item, there is definitely some reverberations between my blog and my job. So far just for March (and I am writing this seven days in) I have put together a Women’s History Month display, a St. Patrick’s day display, and a Man Booker Award display. To say the least, Eve Ensler and Roddy Doyle did not show up accidentally.

But displays and talking to interested customers (and co-workers) about books is definitely one of the perks of the job. It’s somewhat thrilling visibly seeing my excitement for a book pass into another customer. This is only surpassed when she or he come back to the store and tells me how much they loved the book.

Over the last few months, I would say my two largest successes in Bookchronicle to work crossovers have been Nin Andrew’s Sleeping With Houdini and Danielewski’s House of Leaves. At this point, it’s difficult to keep either on the shelf. I admit this only has a little to do with myself and more to do with brilliant writing. Granted, I have just as many failures: despite all of my Walter Moers smooth talking over the past few months I have not been able to persuade a customer into reading a single copy.

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