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Plants in Stitches
March 30, 2008, 8:36 am
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Last week was my Spring Break and it proved to be rather exciting even though I worked the entire time, only missed my Spanish course, and didn’t go anywhere particularly fun (and had to get stitches and suffer through a sinus infection).

I kicked off my Spring Break with a trip to the ER after after learning the mistake of rockin’ out to Elton John’s and simultaneously doing dishes. After scrubbing a mug a little too vigorously the handle broke, did a fairly good job of nicking up my hand, and two stitches and a tetanus shot later I am here to tell the tale. I make light of it now but it was a fairly traumatic experience as I was alone when it happened and I am terrified of blood, hospitals, needles, and shots.

However, that did not stop me from spending most of my break with Gayla Trail’s You Grow Girl as I imagined more and more possibilities for my garden. And the one idea I have settled on after spending a bit of starting cash on garden supplies, a packet of bulbs, and a few packets of seeds is guerrilla gardening. Now in the book, Trail talks about guerrilla gardening in the sense that if you literally have no growing space (i.e. my last sub-level apartment) it does not necessarily need to impede your gardening desire. Rather, feel free to co-opt a public space (think abandoned alleys, devil strips, etc.) and plant to your heart’s content (though avoid plants you would like to eat).

My problem is not space. Fortunately my new home has a bit of yard and my imagination is running wild. What is a problem is that I am a bit cash poor and gardening can be a fairly expensive hobby. So, from here on out I am attempting to garden entirely through donation or that is shared plants. My mother has promised hostas, my partner’s family will be contributing violets, and I am already eying my neighbor’s tulips to gain some bulb nodules late this summer.

Accompanying all of this is a growing stack of gardening books from the library. In her book You Grow Girl, Trail warns about the tediousness of some gardening books and I can most definitely agree with her after weighing in on a couple of garden volumes!

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