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Eragon the Movie
April 5, 2008, 3:13 pm
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I’m usually quite excited to see the film adaptation of a book. I tend to be careful in what I expect: not exactly the book verbatim but also not my idea of an adaptation. For Eragon, I had never read the book, though it has been much recommended, and wasn’t sure what I was getting into. It was terrible! Despite my love and adoration for fantasy movies at all ends of the spectrum (including ridiculously bad) I could not stomach Eragon and turned it off half way through. I have been assured that the book is the far superior option, but I may continue to stick with other reading material.


You are not the first person that has said this. I’ve heard from numerous people (who love the book) that the movie is horrible.

I just bought the book at my library book sale the other day. It might be a while before I read it though.

Comment by Mys Ebrel

Mys Ebrel: My co-worker, who heartily suggests Eragon to anyone who stands still long enough, agrees. The discussion led into a long and involved conversation of hacking fantasy epics into short tid bits, but I was told to still give the book a chance. For now though, I’ll continue eying it as I’ve found I have a growing affection towards Nancy Drew.

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