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The Hogfather Movie

Finally I have been able to get my hands on a copy of the film adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s book The Hogfather. The day it finally arrived from Netflix I was thrilled, went all out making croquettes, and finally settled down to watch. My love affair with the Discworld series is long extending, but when I heard that Pratchett’s first two novels are also being adapted I was quite motivated to watch this one.

After the first twenty minutes or so of the film I had to hold a brief internal discussion with myself as I found myself criticizing “It’s not like that in the book” and so forth. Thwarting myself from not enjoying the film, I spent quite a pleasant time with Vadim Jean’s interpretation of the book. But then this is always a concern with any adaptation.

Okay, but what I did struggle with was Teatime as he was nothing at all as I had imagined the character. The character was meant to be adult in a kind of child-like twisted manner, but I was mostly annoyed by him. Perhaps I wasn’t a close enough reader but I had configured an entirely different character from what was presented on screen. I was also let down a bit that the beggars were cut from the ending.

But otherwise it was a brilliant film that I greatly enjoyed. When I went to work after the film I was pleasantly surprised that a co-worker had become hooked on the series after seeing the film last Thanksgiving. I don’t envy anyone the task of trying to put a book on film and particularly when it’s excerpted from such a lengthy and long standing series as the Discworld. But I greatly enjoyed the film and am looking forward to future adaptations.

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