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Work provides a ceaseless list of inquiries but I had my first time hunting down a book of drinking games for two middle-aged men throwing a bachelor party. Unfortunately as we had nothing in stock appropriate, I drug up the memories of some of my own drinking game escapades to share. The work of a bookseller is never done!

Recently some co-workers and myself have decided to mix work and pleasure by participating in a weekly writing prompt and sharing our results. Bookstores seem to attract a certain type of person and very quickly participation grew from two to five. Our first prompt was using the word “umbrella” (which I selected) and our latest prompt is “Caden” and “experiment.”

If nothing else work has become that much more thrilling. My academic semester is winding down and with fingers crossed I will graduate by the end of this year. However, before I take the plunge and wave goodbye to my undergraduate studies I’ve been toying with starting a campus English club. Exactly what this club would do I’m not sure, but I have until September to find an answer!

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