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Adventurous Search Engine Terms
May 23, 2008, 7:18 pm
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Though not my first it has been quite some time since I have responded to the search engine terms leading innocent readers to my page.

Peacock Tattoos
This has to be one of the most frequent search engine terms bringing people to my blog. I am assuming this is a blending of my love for Flannery O’Connor and this fabulous link to LiveJournal’s Literary Tattoos or Bookworms with Ink. While I have never considered getting my own peacock tattoo, I have toyed with a self-designed coffee mug sporting a tribute to O’Connor with a peacock feather. However, considering my last self-created mug busted and left me with three stitches and a tetanus shot it may be some time before I build up the courage to make a new one.

Jane Austen
Nine of my top ten all time search engine terms tuning viewers into my adventures are all about Austen. When I first really started taking my reading blogging seriously it was a result of perusing Ms. Austen. Thank you Ms. Austen for helping with the popularity of my blog. These searches include: “pride and prejudice,” “sense and sensibility,” “syon house,” “robert adam,” “jane austen,” and “neoclassical art.” I highly recommend Austen fans visit Jane Austen’s World and Austen Blog. Admittedly the search for “jane austen playboy” left me a bit confused.

Little Women
A few months back I read Louisa May Alcott’s classic Little Women (here and here) and was fortunate enough (kind of) to see the musical. I loved the book even if it took me nearly a decade to get around to reading it. However, I am no expert. The only solution I have to why so many people stumble across my Alcott experience in particular is because of the lack of online material available. Alright, that’s a lie – I just googled Louisa May Alcott and then Little Women. Who knows, but it’s a great book that is only surpassed by Alcott’s own biography.



Thank you for your kind words! As always, I love visiting your blog. Your search engine term posts are among my favorites.

Comment by Vic (Ms. Place)

What a pleasure visiting your blog is. I can always depend on great reading and insights to my fav author Jane Austen. This post is ammusing. There should be a book written on search engine terms that get people to blogs. Some of mine have been hilarious also. No tattoo searchers, but Colin Firth nude gave me a giggle!

Cheers, LA

Comment by Laurel Ann

I’m guessing the playboy link referred to Becoming Jane–wasn’t Tom Lefroy described as a “playboy” in some places? Doing the man a great disservice. From what I can tell, he was anything BUT a playboy!

And thanks for the link to AustenBlog!

Comment by Mags

Vic: I must confess that you have to be my favorite Austen blogger. I love the research, the factual balanced with the opinion. You really do provide a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things Austen.

Laurel Ann: The search engine term list is one of my favorite things about WordPress. I really don’t understand how the various search engines of the Internet work, but I am always amazed at the flotsam that shows up in my list. Last year I made the mistake about posting that Jane Austen fan fiction covers everything including regency erotica – that was quite a few fun filled weeks of searches!

Mags: I never thought of the Tom Lefroy connection but it is as good of a connection as any!

Comment by bookchronicle

Bagnio: While I am not overly familiar with other blogs, WordPress has a feature that lists common and recent search terms people used to find your blog. Frequently these terms are pretty amusing.

Comment by bookchronicle

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