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Spiderwick Chronicle’s The Seeing Stone by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

After finishing The Field Guide of the Spiderwick Chronicles, I found the next book in the series too tantalizing to miss. (Not to mention that the shortness of the book was an added temptation to my somewhat fried brain.) The Seeing Stone picks up roughly where The Field Guide ended, Mallory, Jared, and Simon have started school and are becoming further acquainted with their ramshackle house. The fairy creatures play a larger roll as a troll, goblins, and a griffon are a part of this book’s cast.

Perhaps the biggest leap into the world of fairy is the idea that without a special sight it is only possible to see these creatures if they want to be seen. The kids soon find an odd machine and through a hag stone lens are able to observe the evil goblins that have appeared assumedly to claim the field guide from the previous book. Thanks to some goblin spit, by the end of this book all three children can see the world of fairy without use of the lens.

Still a fun book but I must say it is not a children’s series that holds adult attention long. While my curiosity is peeked to Netflix the movie, I believe The Seeing Stone will be my final dabble in the literary world of Spiderwick.

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