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I have developed a Bookmooch addiction. Over the last week or two I have really been pushing myself to read more books that I currently own, and believe me there’s a lot of them. But what I’m finding is that for roughly every book that I adore and love and must own (even if I never get to reread it) I am finding another book that was pretty good but I have no desire to keep. That’s where Bookmooch comes in. My inventory has been fluctuating as I send things off and I am waiting in anticipation for the arrival of three book requests: one from Dorothy Allison and two from Banana Yoshimo.

Resulting from popularity curiosity and my self-reminders that I still need to lose a few Christmas pounds, I picked up a copy of Skinny Bitch to browse on my break. The book makes sense but I am not sure why people are quite so interested. Perhaps it is a mix of the snappy remarks and insults spewed by the authors? The book covers some common sense issues and then spends the rest of the time instructing the reader to follow an organic and vegan diet. My suggestion: rather than get the book splurge on a subscription to Vegetarian Times.

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