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June 6, 2008, 6:48 pm
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I had some disappointing news the other afternoon that the bookstore I work at is cutting back hours and quite a few people working full time went to part time hours. Myself included. Thus, for better or worse, I have started seeking new employment. I’ve yet to decide whether I would completely leave the bookstore or continue to work a few hours a week. If I did leave I would definitely miss the store and the people.

I am trying to be positive as I can about this though. I never intended on staying permanently at the store, and this is perhaps the nudge I needed to get me to explore a new job path. A different job could mean better pay and I do graduate at the end of the year. Additionally, I have been researching and considering joining the Peace Corps, and I have mostly decided to submit an application by the end of August. I have a summer course in Spanish sneaking around the corner as well, and as I am not under any too immediate financial worries the extra free time can be used for some much needed Spanish review.

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The bookstore hours cutback is unfortunate news, I’m sure not the least to those who need the full-time employment. Whatever you decide on finally, I wish you well with that endeavor.

BTW, I’ve always been in admiration of the rare Peace Corps people that I’ve met.

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