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Revisited: Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea

I picked up Girls of Riyadh after hearing about the uproar it caused in Saudi Arabia and for the fact that few pop-fiction books from the Arab world seem to show up in English. It’s the story of four women of the “velvet” class of Saudi Arabia and their exploits of marriage, romance, and relationships in their early 20s. The story is narrated as if it occurred on a yahoo group/list serv and provides an interesting look into the secular upper class. It’s an interesting read and despite the cultural look the book has a lot of fluff to it. It’s an easy and fun read but differs little from young adult fiction in the U.S. (excepting the age group of the women involved). If you’re looking for a light “beach read” go for it.

Excepting that second to last sentence I concur with myself. Girls of Riyadh is very much in the vein of chick lit a la Cabot, Giffin, Kinsella, and the woman that wrote The Devil Wears Prada. If you are looking for a an entertaining and easy read, but one that differs from what has become overwhelmingly common chick lit, read Girls of Riyadh.



[…] I now have a new appreciation for The Girls of Riyadh, a book I previously shrugged off as so-so […]

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I am Vera. I live in Brazil. I don’t speak english very well. I am teacher of portuguese.
I read the book ” girls of riyadh”.
I think: to be “brasileira is very good

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