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Weekly Geek: Photo Week
June 10, 2008, 12:38 pm
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This round of Weekly Geeks is a photos week and I admit it stumped me for a bit. I enjoy photography, but it’s more for fun than anything else. In addition, my house is in something of a frightful state between school and work so I opted to spare my reading audience the balled up socks, empty glasses, and stacks of papers that have taken over my living room. Instead I have a picture of my latest library addition: my short story shelf. My short story collection (and my glass head collection) is housed here. It also happens to be my book lovin’ (and smelling) cat’s favorite perch in the house.

For others participating in this round, The Indextrious Reader has some great book related pictures of Ukraine, Journey to the End of the TBR Pile who has a bookworm stuffed animal that I covet, The Biblio Brat gives us a tour of her bookdom, Melody’s Reading Corner has some rockin’ bookshelves, Nymeth’s cat loves books as much as mine, Out of the Blue posted some terrific book pictures found through Flickr, and A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore has some bookshelves I am quite taken with. Enjoy!

P.S. While I know my friend Mys Ebrel is busy with moving and setting up house, she is by far the more prolific photographer and had to raid her blog Soulmeetsphoto to provide a link to some of her book related photos.


[…] Weekly Geek: Photo Week This round of Weekly Geeks is a photos week and I admit it stumped me for a bit. I enjoy photography, but it’s more for fun than anything else. In addition, my house is in something of a frightful state between school and work so I … […]

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ohmigoodness, I LOVE the kitty! I can tell the clear glass head but is that purple one a head, too?

Comment by bkclubcare

lol, I love that picture! My cat hasn’t taken to sleeping on my bookshelves…yet :P

Comment by Nymeth

Love the cat. Great addition to your bookshelf!

Comment by terri

Oooh, I noticed that you have The Complete Stories of Hans Christan Anderson. I own that too! I like checking out other people’s bookshelves and seeing that they own the same books.
P.S. Your cat is adorable!

Comment by T Y

Such a lovely, fat and quite comfy cat! Actually I’m sure s/he reads the books when you’re not looking :)

Comment by Lightheaded

[…] 6/10/08 at 16:03: Another feline helper caught on film at Adventures in Reading.  (are the members of my pack on strike?  sheesh!) Tagged as: weekly […]

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Your cat makes the photo! How great. I think she’s considering “rearranging” some of the books on that shelf for you. ;)

Comment by Debra Durham

I’d be so scared kitty might knock over the glass heads! But maybe yours isn’t as clumsy as mine.

Comment by dew

That’s great! There’s no room on my shelves for cats _ which is a good thing. Yours looks very cosy there!

Comment by Maree

It’s so funny how cats like to squish themselves into spaces that are just a little too small. I once found our cat inside a pillowcase on our bed — and he was not a small cat. Yours looks very relaxed amongst the books!

Comment by Melanie

bkclubcare: The purple blob in the photo is also a head too.

Nymeth: My cat adores bookshelves. She sleeps quite regularly on the other shelves about the house and when she’s annoyed she enjoys knocking the books off of shelves.

Terri: Thanks a lot! Now only if I could talk my partner into letting me have one more addition… (cat or bookshelf!).

TY: Very true – half the fun of this round of Weekly Geeks has been spying what spines I can identify.

Lightheaded: It wouldn’t surprise me if she, Alice, did scope out a book or two.

Debra Durham: I actually had to rearrange some of the books to make sure she had a space left on the shelf. If we don’t give her enough room she tends to knock them off the shelf to make space for herself.

Dew: You know, I don’t know if she’s ever knocked over a glass head or not but I’ve dropped at least one and they’re pretty sturdy. Fortunately, these ones are fairly close to the ground.

Maree: I admit I shouldn’t leave space for the cat with all the books piled on the floor but she insists.

Melanie: Another cat I once owned squeezed inside of a tiny basket – or at least tried to, because once he got his feet in he became stuck and fell off the table!

Comment by bookchronicle

Cats are too funny. and just WHERE do you find glass heads? I suppose, like all fun collections, you know it when you see it, yes?

Also, your comment link doesn’t go back to your blog – I can fix? in your profile, you may need to add the url to your blog to a spot that is prob now empty. sorry, if i’m being presumptuous!

Comment by bkclubcare

Love the cat! Why doesn’t my cat do that?

Comment by Sarah

bkclubcare: Glass heads are definitely things you stumble across. One of the heads in this photo I got from Pier 1 and the other is from Tj-maxx. Certainly feel free to fix the link and no worries about being presumptuous! I am still something of a WordPress novice and any advice is appreciated.

Comment by bookchronicle

Ha! I love that your cat likes to hang out there. :)
I think one of our cats might be tempted if there was any space on the shelves.

Comment by tanabata

[…] For some more Weekly Geek photos, check out these cool sites! […]

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oh no no no. YOU get to fix, I was merely asking if it would be OK if I told you how to fix! :)

or you can read this and it will tell you:

Comment by bkclubcare

OH – and it’s TJMaxx the best for finding fun treasures?! :)

Comment by bkclubcare

I have empty spots on my bookshelves but sadly no cat to fill the spots with. I love that picture of her.

I know this comment is long over due but thanks for the promo to the photoblog. I’m currently playing catch-up with reading all of the blogs and attempting to update my own.

Comment by Mys Ebrel

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