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A quote from Michael Chabon
June 14, 2008, 10:03 am
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In the P.S. edition of Michael Chabon’s The Final Solution, A Story of Detection is a short interview with Chabon. What is generally suggested is that as a Pulitzer Prize winner what can or should a reader infer of Chabon writing just a detective novella. From this interview, I pulled a great quote from Chabon:

“I’m really annoyed by pigeonholes and categories and labels. I view them as iniquitous to the spirit of play and of experimentation and of storytelling. The fact at a bookstore, the fiction is divided into fiction and mystery and science fiction, I don’t understand why it has to be that way. To me it’s all fiction, and I think the best science fiction, the best mystery fiction, the best horror fiction ought to be put on par with the best quote-unquote ‘literary fiction.’”

I do find this fascinating and speaking from my experience as a reader and my experience as a bookseller, it can be pretty damn difficult to talk someone into switching genre. Hell, it’s difficult enough to talk myself into switching genre. Though I usually read quite heavily from the fiction and literature section I seldom find myself in science fiction, fantasy, or horror and I cannot recall ever reading a mystery or thriller book. (Though the book Fail Safe is a military thriller it is listed as literature.)

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