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The Rosetta Stone: Spanish (Latin American)
June 17, 2008, 9:06 am
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Granted, Adventures in Reading really has nothing to do with foreign languages but when I was attempting (attempting being the keyword) to find various opinions out there on the Rosetta Stone I did not have a lot of luck. Sure, Amazon sports some reviews but reading them everyone just seemed a little too satisfied. Not that I think there is some crazy Rosetta Stone conspiracy sweeping the net, but really, this is a program that is so perfect there is no criticism?

So I purchased it.


And it wasn’t for me. The one outstanding thing I can say about Rosetta Stone is if you purchase it directly from then online you can return the program within six months for a full refund with no hassling. I got the program and I used it quite diligently, but I found it designed for someone who has never, ever experienced a foreign language or has a distant past experience. As someone currently between classes it really was not any help at all. However, before I suggest this to beginners I do have a friend who tried Rosetta Stone with no previous experience in the language and found it really difficult understanding abstract terms of language like saying the book is here or the book is there.

I have found the Speak in a Week program, a copy of Cisneros House on Mango Street in Spanish, some Spanish music, and the odd Spanish film to be as much if not more help than the Rosetta Stone. If you want language immersion you can get it for a lot less than the $300 or so price tag that accompanies Rosetta Stone. But if you do have the $300+ to spend I suggest trying to find a local Spanish course.

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