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Revisited Reviews: Once Upon A Crime by Michael Buckley

I will admit disappointment up front. After reading the previous books in the series, I was looking forward to see what Buckley had in store, but in Once Upon A Crime he seems to be running out of some fairy tale juice. In this edition, the Grimms leave Ferryport to bring their fairy friend Puck to New York City (where the fairy kingdom is located) and have to solve the mysterious death of King Oberon. Not a bad idea and a definite Shakespearean influence, but very quickly the book incorporates poor reflections of otherwise good movies. However, on the more positive side Buckley continued to tighten parts of his story line and an interesting split between the stories extends his character development. It’s an enjoyable read and I still very much look forward to the next novel in the series.

The Sisters Grimm has been a fun series and an interesting retelling of the Brother’s Grimm series. Though Once Upon A Crime was not the last book I read in the series, I admit that I haven’t been too interested in picking up the most recent one. In a question and answer with Stephanie Meyers she said something along the lines that there’s no children’s literature, but just good and bad literature. I’m not sure if I agree. The Sisters Grimm isn’t bad but doesn’t always offer the complexity that makes other novels more appealing.

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