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Revisted Reviews: Rise & Fall of English by Scholes

I finally finished it, his ultimate diagnosis is that English will either become a classical field in nature or will need to alter to embrace the present and the future. With Scholes specifics I disagree to some extent as he seems to want to turn undergraduate English into an advanced Intro to Communications course, but I do agree that English (as well as most any liberal arts degree) need to alter. One idea of his I greatly enjoy is altering the LERs (liberal education requirements) to better fit a person’s major than to just allow students to select randomly. Otherwise, fabulous book, not quite a page turned, and if you’re not interested in English and literary theory I’d avoid to like the plague.

What I remember most about The Rise & Fall of English was that it was dense and tedious and most of the actual content escaped me. I’ll assume it’s a book arguing for the application and practice of theory versus the learning and discussion of theory. As someone who fled the school of communication for the arms of liberal arts, I cannot say I read this with an unbiased opinion. Now that my liberal arts degree is more or less finished, I think of it somewhat bittersweetly that it has provided me with a marvelous base to enter the world but it’s also become something of a heroin addiction for the academic world.

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