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Bookends: Uppity Customers & Conclusions
September 2, 2008, 12:42 pm
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Of all the customers I see on a weekly basis, one of my personal least favorites is the uppity and competitive fiction reader. (This comes in closely with customers requesting the “new S.I.” [1] and expecting me to know immediately what they’re asking for.) I had one the other evening and the gist of the conversation is: “Have you read this? And this? And this? What, no? You suck. Why the hell would they employ you if they could hire me?” While I am a voracious reader and plow through a stack of books that even impresses myself, I sincerely hope that I don’t purposefully make people feel poorly or stupid because they haven’t read the same books or as many. But this customer always comes off as a little rabid and with strange bookstore illusions: that all we do is read fiction and tell customers about it. I wish!

A new feature that has been appearing at the closing of my reviews has been the mention of conclusion. During the year I’ve been Spring Cleaning my book collection by encouraging myself to read books I already own and limiting myself to acquiring books through Bookmooch. At least since the beginning of the summer, as I close the cover of each book I’ve read, I’ve had to make the decision to keep it, give it away/back, or Mooch it. Regardless of my reviewing abilities, my final decision says a great deal on what I thought of a book and I’ve decided to share that decision. Also, I’m going to begin listing the books I’m adding to Bookmooch before I actually add them. So if you see I’m adding something you’re interested in, please comment with your Bookmooch username and I’ll reserve the copy for you. [2]

[1] Apparently Sports Illustrated.

[2] For right now this is limited to other Bookmooch members because (1) I want to encourage the program and (2) I still have a great deal of books I’m interested in Mooching! [3]

[3] Generally, I have no problem Bookmooching between countries/continents.


Oh, brilliant, I love having an “in” on BookMooch books without necessarily having to go through the crapshoot of timing to get stuff on my wishlist. Looking forward to it!

Comment by fyreflybooks

I love this idea! I may have to steal it for my blog. I’m hardly keeping any books anymore, and I’d love to pass more of my discards along to readers of my blog, but I want to keep a bank of Bookmooch (and Paperback Swap)points for those hard-to-find books that sometimes apprear on book-swapping sites.

Comment by Teresa

Thanks for the recommended site- I just signed up at BookMooch. Great idea!

Comment by Rachel

“I sincerely hope that I don’t purposefully make people feel poorly or stupid because they haven’t read the same books or as many”

You don’t! That’s what I love about bookbloggers, actually. They’re voracious readers who don’t come across like that at all. Though in my experience, those “competitive readers” tend to be people who don’t even read all that much, they just like to pretend they do.

That’s a great idea about Bookmooch! I should start doing the same on my blog before I add English books to my inventory (which isn’t very often, I have to admit).

Comment by Nymeth

let the mooching begin…

[1] – was it because M. Phelps was on the front cover?

Comment by Mys Ebrel

fyreflybooks: The “timing” on Bookmooch is one of the few things I dislike. Don’t get me wrong, I love swapping books but I feel sometimes you really have to be a vulture when it comes to watching for a book you might want.

Teresa: Definitely join in and continue this to your blog! I’m really hoping it’s a way I can pass along books to my reader while continuing to acquire my own books.

Rachel: Yay Rachel. Bookmooch is wonderful. It took me awhile to get accustomed to it, but it’s a fabulous way to swap books.

Nymeth: So true about book bloggers. Thus far my experience with the book blogging community is that they’re individuals passionate about books. The worse thing you have to fear from them is an inundation of recommendations of books they adore.

Comment by bookchronicle

[…] Stealing an idea from Bookchronicle, I’m planning to post this book to Bookmooch next week. If any of you readers out there have […]

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