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Fiction: Mexican High by Liza Monroy

Liza Monroy’s Mexico City is the story of Mila and her senior year of high school in Mexico City. Her mother works for the American government and Mila has spent her life moving from one metropolis to the next. It’s a period of transition and growth for Mila, but all happening in the dangerous and unfettered environment of Mexico City’s wealthiest social circles.

In many ways, Mexican High is a teen girl novel a la Clique and Gossip Girls (or at least what I’ve heard about them). However, the reader cannot so easily write off Mexican High because Monroy not only explores the glitzy yet darker side of teen life, but also represents the repercussions of lifestyle choices including drugs and sex. Additionally, Mexican High is a well-researched book about Mexico’s history, geography, culture and politics. Though Monroy has set her story in an abundant world of wealth, a theme runs throughout the book comparing this ostentatious lifestyle to the enormous group of working poor and the impoverished that also call Mexico City home.

This is a good book for anyone wanting a light read or for any teenager interested in reading a little more adult-like literature.

Conclusion: Returned to library.



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I am about a quarter way into the book and being a mother of two teenage girls it appalls and shocks me, but nevertheless compels me to read more. I feel hopeful about finishing the book.

Comment by Lotus Reads

p.s. Although this is set in a High School, I would not recommend this book to anyone under 19.

Comment by Lotus Reads

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