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Bookends: Reading one at a time
September 13, 2008, 12:54 pm
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My last two books (and my current one) I’ve been trying something new: reading only one book at a time. Like many readers, I find myself with a stack of books and the result of over indulging is that I often find myself with three or more books going at once. Fortunately this usually means that I spend more time total reading, but unfortunately I become a competitive reader and do my best to speed-read through the passages. With reading only one book at a time I find myself more strongly focusing on it, but I’m reading more slowly and overall seem to be spending less time reading.

Also, I’ve been cutting down on the length of some of my book comments. The last thing I want is for my reader responses to feel like “homework” and really when I’m reading for enjoyment two or three paragraphs is plenty. Not that I can’t wax poetic from time to time, but I should never feel it’s something I have to do.


I hear ya. I find that focusing on one book helps me move along at a steadier pace with more focus. I can’t stand feeling like I’m lagging.

Comment by Andi

I used to read just one book at a time, but this year I became a bit more hectic in my reading. I normally never have two novels going at the same time, but one novel and one non-fiction tends to work well for me.

At the moment I do have two novels going at the same time (I couldn’t help but start Nation the very day my Amazon package arrived), but it’s being hard, because both are books that demand my full attention.

Comment by Nymeth

1.I have never felt that reading one of your entries was a chore.
2. I’ve never been one to successfully read more than one book at a time. I admire anyone that can.

Comment by Ashotick

i can never do the more than one book at a time, or if i do it, it’s that i read the second one and finish it and then start the first one again :) but one thing that i sometimes must do to make the read more enjoyable is to read the end of the book!! really, when i know the ending, i can read the book in a more relaxed way without the stress of wanting to know how it ends. i know that the ending in not the important part and i should love the adventure in the middle but without knowing it the end i can’t convince myself to read without stress!! (i do the same with movies, i rather know the whole what’s it about and the end to be able to enjoy it. i loved sixth sense but i loved it even more when i saw it for the second time :))

Comment by katayoun

As long as YOU feel OK with cutting down your reviews. I’ve found that mine are getting longer and longer (looking back at my earlier posts I can’t believe I didn’t say more!), but I figure people will get what they want out of it and if they have to skim, that’s OK with me.

I used to be able to read more than one book at a time but with full-time work I find it more and more difficult to find enough time for two books at once (unless they are drastically different). I’ll be interested in seeing how the little experiment goes.

Comment by Trish

Andi: I have definitely been enjoying reading one book at a time because I find myself becoming much more involved.

Nymeth: If you had been able to resist dipping into Nation I’d have to wonder what was wrong with you! I cannot wait until Sept. 30th when I get my copy.

Ashotick: Thank you for the kind words!

Katayoun: Reading the end of the book – that’s a pretty brilliant idea. I’ve only done this once before (when I really could not get into the book), but I definitely see what you mean.

Trish: I’m definitely okay with cutting back and actually many of my earliest reviews are short and sweet. Granted, this is also partially do to a new semester and a second job starting up. I’d rather invest my extra time in reading than to verbose reviews. (Though that could change at any time!)

Comment by bookchronicle

I keep trying to cut back to just reading just one book at one time, but I just can’t do it. I actually think I’m less distracted when I read more than one novel at once, because then I’m not thinking about “what’s next” while I’m reading. But, I totally admire people who can do it! I think that’s probably the best way to read.

Comment by J.S. Peyton

J.S. Peyton: So true! While I’ve been enjoying my experiment, I do find myself regularly distracted. I might slide back a bit and start injecting some short stories into the mix.

Comment by bookchronicle

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