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Nonfiction: Shimmering Images by Lisa Dale Norton
September 27, 2008, 11:30 am
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“You’ve always wanted to write a story about your life. You’ve been planning to do it, telling family and friends you are going to do it…but you haven’t done it.

Why not?”

Lisa Dale Norton’s Shimmering Images is a barebones and simplistic instructive-guide to writing memoirs. Shimmering Images gets its title from one of her recommended exercises to help the budding memoirist, which is to use “…a memory that rises in your consciousness like a photograph pulsing with meaning…” All of the activities are based on the work Norton does within the workshops she teaches across the country on writing.

I have no interest in writing a memoir at this time as I’m in my mid-20s and seriously not much has happened that many people would care to read. However, even for the non-memoirist Shimmering Images lends some good advice when it comes to brainstorming and structure. In straightforward instructions with limited detail, Norton provides a great guideline for writing. Though it warns away from more daring approaches to memoir writing, it seems like a good place to start from.

Conclusion: Bookmooching.

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