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Bookends: Oh the challenges!

I’ve given up on the Newbery Project. I read the first few pages of the Dark Frigate by C.B. Hawes and proceeded to moan and groan. After looking over the Newbery list, as commendable as it may be, I realized there wasn’t really anything that I wanted to read or that I had read and been terribly impressed with. Saying this, I feel like I’m tripping a small child, but I might return to another children’s award reading challenge like the Amelia Bloomer Project.

I would like to thank and congratulate Heather over at BookAddiction for being my first participant of my Bookmooch via Blogging. If you haven’t heard previously, I end my book comments with a conclusion that includes the books I’m adding to Bookmooch. If the book interests you, leave a comment with your Bookmooch username and I’ll reserve the book for you.

I’ve also been finding some discrepancies within my “Year in Review 2008” list, which is a little annoying and goes to show my poor recording skills. (Or just poor recollection: I’ve just spent the last 30-minutes hunting my misplaced copy of Dracula!)


I’ve never had any desire to read all the Newbery books. Is that bad?? I’ve read a few of them but I guess maybe it’s just not my cup of tea. I haven’t looked into bookmooch yet…

Comment by Trish

Your year in review list gave me the last impetus I needed to get through the first hundred pages of The Gone-Away World, and I’m so glad your comments pushed me to do it. You’re so right–it’s a wonderful book! Thanks for the push! I’m reviewing it today at Necromancy Never Pays.

Comment by Jeanne

Trish: I don’t think it’s bad at all! In part I think I took up the challenge because I felt it was something I ought to experience.

Jeanne: Yeah! I am thrilled to hear that. I was so worried I’d keep encouraging you and you’d keep dreading it!

Comment by bookchronicle

I’m glad to hear you say that. I occasionally feel a bit of guilt that, as a children’s librarian, I haven’t read all the Newberys. I’ve read a lot of them, but I flatly refuse to read any more books in which the dog dies. And some of the others are just flat-out unappealing to me. You might want to check out the Virginia Readers’ Choice Awards – the books are nominated and chosen by the kids, and I have enjoyed every one of them I’ve read! The site is

Comment by darla d

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