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Book ends: Uh oh, Librarything
October 9, 2008, 12:12 pm
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I fear it has happened much sooner than I ever thought it would: I have hit the 200 book margin for my free account through Librarything. In five days I will have been a member for one year and I need to decide whether or not I want to invest in a paid account. On one hand, it’s only a one time $25 for a lifetime membership; but I also don’t want to spend my hard earned money on something I’m not going to regularly use. My Librarything usage has been infrequent at best, but I think this is mostly the result of my lack of home internet connection. And when I do log on, generally there’s generally a good community atmosphere.

So for those of you who have splurged on a Librarything account, is it worth it? Would you recommend it? If not, why not? And if you use another service, I’d be equally interested to hear about your experience.


Ab-so-lutely. Best money I’ve spent online probably ever – plus, realistically, it’s the cost of a single new hardback for membership for the rest of your life. I love having my catalog, being able to keep track – wherever I can get the internet – of books that I have at home, books that I’ve acquired, books that I’ve read, books that I’ve abandoned, books that I have yet to read, books that I loved, books that I hated, books that I vaguely remember from childhood, etc., etc. I also love the forums – plenty of people who are willing to help with very specialized recommendations, half-remembered books from decades ago, book news, generalized questions, and book talk in general.

Comment by fyreflybooks

Personally, I’m on LibraryThing about two to three times a day and really rely on it to catalogue my reading. So investing the money, at least for me, has been beneficial (plus, by library hit the 1000 mark a couple of days ago, so you KNOW I really need the extra room!). I also love the message boards–it’s where I get so many ideas for what to read next.

Comment by Katherine

It was most definitely worth paying for a lifetime membership for me. I’m always on LT — checking the talk pages if not actually cataloguing (the latter tends to go in spurts and binges… but I’m up to nearly 1800 books). It’s a great community and the cataloguing features are superb. I’d go for it!

Comment by Christine

Oops, was logged out of WP and now the above doesn’t appear to be me. It was, though.

Comment by Christine

The lifetime membership for $25 is a deal, but I’ve been iffy to sign up for something I simply can’t even keep up with. I rather spend my time reading than keeping an online catalogue. The blog has already been a piece of work for me. :)

Comment by Matthew

I don’t really understand the cataloguing impulse myself, I’m just not that kind of reader but I don’t see why anyone should pay for LibraryThing when there are so many other book-related social networking sites that do not charge i.e. aNobii, Book Rabbit, Book Tagger, Good Reads and Shelfari.

Comment by Evie

I love Librarything! I use it only to track what I have read, and use simple tags like “Read 2008”, “Read 2007” etc. I get a great deal of satisfaction seeing a line up of all the covers of the books I have read this year. I also love the features of Librarything, like the tag mirror, and the author gallery. I will soon reach the target and will pay the fee…even though our Aussie dollar means it is quite expensive now!

Comment by Kaykins

I had a free full account for a year (as a result of a blog post I did), and I didn’t use it all that much. As a result I’ve stuck with Goodreads which is free, and to my mind more user friendly and attractive.

Comment by Andi

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