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This Rules: a brief comment on voting
November 4, 2008, 4:12 pm
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This image from Married to the Sea, a hilarious source of amusement, has been a long time favorite of mine. Within the United States of America, women have only had the right to vote since 1920, not even a full century. However, it’s shocking how little appreciated that right to vote is. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of thoughtful reasons not to vote, but if you didn’t vote today out of laziness and you’re a legal citizen of the U.S. of A. I have to ask – what’s up with that?

I voted without too much trouble today. I moved in November of last year and believed my new home, only a block away, was within the same precinct, but I was wrong. (I totally should have checked this out beforehand.) Without too much hassle I found my official voting headquarters and voted. I even arrived home and found the long lost pin I had requested from the candidate of my choice, which I’m currently wearing.

And for those interested, a thoughtful article and an outsider’s opinion: Fidel Castro on the candidates.



If something’s not under threat, we can rather take it for granted. The cartoon made me smile!

Thankfully here in Australia women have had the right to vote in all elections since 1902 and some from 1896. Although right is maybe the wrong word- we have compulsory voting so it’s a duty as well!

Comment by Sarah

They make it really easy in some places to vote as well…with early voting and permanent absentee voting. :)

Sarah–compulsory voting…shudder. :)

Comment by Amy @ My friend Amy

Ha! I love Married to the Sea. I am happy to see less apathy this year. Certainly I agree the right is terribly underappreciated, but I think it’s gotten significantly better in this election. It heartens me to see my students taking an interest, especially. They desperately want to know who I voted for. Ha! Not telling them! (Though it’s splattered all over my blog, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Comment by estellasrevenge

I found TODAY I was actually registered (in the past 4 years I’ve moved 4 times and got married–didn’t think I was still registered). So, I headed to the old precinct and voted! Very excited–and no lines!

Comment by Trish

Sarah: Very true Sarah. I’ve always been a bit undecided on compulsory voting, but as the U.S.A.’s turnout is often so small I wonder if it would be a good idea?

Amy: After the election, I was surprised at how many people I know who I assumed were voting and didn’t. I get that life is busy, but as you’ve said, particularly with this election there were many available methods of voting without actually going to your precinct on the 4th.

estellasrevenge: One of the interesting things about voting as a student (and something I’ve not experienced to a great degree before) was that at my Uni a lot of people had problems voting because our voting address is different than our license, and if you live in a dorm you don’t get utility bills… In a nutshell I know a lot of people who spent the day running around to the bursar’s office trying to prove where they live!

Trish: Yeah!

Comment by bookchronicle

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