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Bookmooch: Problems in paradise
November 7, 2008, 3:25 pm
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Though I’m an avid supporter of Bookmooch, I’ve run into my first couple of hiccups and I wanted to share: (1) I shipped a package and had it returned as the address was “incorrect,” but I checked and it was the same as the listed shipping information. I contacted the person, but 30 days later they’re now “inactive.” I sent another e-mail and will wait to see what happens. (2) Between my home and a post office in Pittsburgh, a package I was shipping was kind of destroyed. They kindly mailed me a fragment of the packaging material that had my address information with a request form for me to fill out. But considering the state of the packaging, I think it’s so-long F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story collection!


Hmm. The latter at least sounds more like a USPS problem than a BM one.

Comment by Christine

I’ve had a few problems as well, but I still love both it and pbs. Like I need more books right now…

Comment by 3m

the only problem i’ve ever had was mooching a book from WV that never arrived. I’ve mooched books from the UK, Finland, and Germany, but a book from WV gets lost. go figure.

Comment by Ashotick

I wonder if the person moved and forgot they even had a BM account. One of the few problems I had was due to that…I requested a book that never got sent, and some 6 months later the person e-mailed me apologizing and saying they’d forgotten about “this whole Bookmooch thing”. I guess sometimes people open accounts but never actually become active participants.

Comment by Nymeth

Christine: Totally a USPS problem, but for me still a bit related to Bookmooch as it does rely on shipping books back and forth.

3m: I adore Bookmooch, but as with everything else it does have its hiccups!

Ashotick: Weird! The wonders of USPS.

Nymeth: Definitely a good point and it’s even just a good reminder that sometimes life just gets in the way of things like Bookmooch.

Comment by bookchronicle

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