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November 17, 2008, 4:32 pm
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Something I’ve always meant to do but never got around to doing has been sorting my reviews and making an easy to read list of them. I’ve had different ideas floating about my head including sorting them chronologically according to publication, sorting them by genre, but I’ve finally come to terms to sorting them in the usual fashion: books I’ve commented on sorted by author. (Still a work in progress!)



I love your website! It’s going to make my life so much easier this next year. I’m trying to read a book a week, and I’ll be using your website to help me pick the books :).

Comment by Phil Sharp

Man-a-livin. Totally necessary and useful, because how else can people find stuff here, but this project will eat large chunks of your life. Every so often you’ll be all, I should go and add more reviews to my list of ‘reviewed books,’ and realize that you haven’t done so for half a year. Best of luck.

Comment by Raych

I recently put together a similar list on my blog — but now that I’m looking at it, I think that your format is much better than what I’ve done. So it’s back to the grindstone for me!

Comment by Christine

Phil Sharp: Um, thanks!

Raych: I’m already regretting it! ;) But I’m gonna grit my teeth and get at least through my most recent reviews. After that – there are no promises!

Christine: The format is tricky and now that mine is nearing the end, I’m still not entirely impressed with it.

Comment by bookchronicle

I’m planning an overhaul of parts of the site as well. In addition to the review listing, I’ll categorize by last names of authors and titles. I’ll probably wait until school is out for this ambitious enterprise. :)

Comment by Matthew

Though I haven’t really that many reviews on my blog yet, this is something I have also thought about. For the time being I can find most of the reviews by clicking my labels and if that fails, I don’t have so many, so scrolling through the pages is still relatively easy. But later on, it is definitely something I’d like to do.

Comment by Louise

I did this a while back, when I realized there was no other good way to see all of my reviews at a glance in anything resembling an order. I’m still debating going through and adding in links to the reviews that I wrote on LibraryThing before I started my blog… but talk about a time suck.

Comment by fyreflybooks

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