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Spring Cleaning: Help me help you
November 21, 2008, 4:14 pm
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Mid-November seems to have turned into a proverbial spring cleaning for my blog. I’ve organized my reviews by author, I’ve begun sorting out defunct/unhelpful categories and tags, and I am now on to dusting off my Links’ list.

And this is where I need your help:

Please take a moment to visit my Links’ list to make sure your blog is listed correctly and that it actually links to you.

Also, if you read and have linked to my blog but I’ve yet to link back remind me please! Visit my Links’ list and leave a comment with your address and name you care to be listed by.

Thanks for your help!


All’s well for me!

Comment by Christine

Love how you have your links so nicely organized! I made the executive decision to do away with my link list because I didn’t have the time to update it all the time. Even my google reader is constantly changing as I add and delete blogs. I admire your organization!

Comment by Trish

I’m on your list! Yay! (Thanks!)

Comment by Jena

You go! I wish I could be so organized. :)

Comment by J. Kaye

Good for you with your spring cleaning. Wanna come do mine next? :D

Comment by Andi

Firstly: Happy Thanksgiving :). Any big plans/quixotic missions for holiday reading?

Secondly: Could you make the Yalobusha link go directly to the blog ( and not the feed? It seems to be acting oddly for some reason.

Comment by Chris

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