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¡Pillaging Blogrolls!
November 22, 2008, 2:42 pm
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necromancyOnce again I wish to expand the territory of my Google Reader and this time as a result of the Terror of Lake Effect Snow (Duh duh duh!). For those of you missing out on the wonders of the Great Lakes, yearly we are inundated with great swathes of blustery snow and the never ceasing Lake Effect Warnings. I turned to the blog of my fellow Ohioan Necromancy Never Pays to discover a wealth of new links.

Tortoise Lessons


Novel Readings


Maud Newton


Guys Lit Wire


Box of Books


Bookmark My Heart




great links, i’ll have to check some of these out :)

Comment by bookworm

More blogs!!! I always want to read new ones, but my Google Reader groans every time I find a great one.

Comment by Andi

Glad you found new ones! Maud Newton is very NYC-centered, but one of my favorites.

Comment by Jeanne

These are great links, and I’m happy to see that book blogging community is thriving in a healthy growth. :)

Comment by Matthew

you must be in the Cleveland area–the rest of the state doesn’t get it nearly as bad as the northeast corner. *sigh* I miss Ohio sometimes. especially right before Christmas. here in BC, I’m told we can be surprised to see any snow this year (though we saw a surprising amount last year).

Comment by Jena

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