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December already?
December 2, 2008, 9:29 am
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When did November creep by? I expected long and snuggly autumn days and it’s December already. With the holidays (I went to the zoo), being ill, working in retail, the end of a semester (oh my!), and a particularly exciting paper titled “The Grammar Delusion: Breaking Students’ and Tutors’ Misconceptions of Grammar in the Writing Center,”I haven’t even had a moment to check my email. I’m going to spend the next few days catching up on reviews, but it’s likely I’ll be absent for another week or so as I finish the current semester of school.


Over break I spent some time reflecting on my reading habits of the past year and am pleasantly pleased that, excepting any unexpected pitfalls, I should have read at least 150 books this year. This is 51 more books than last year and though I know I could try to beat this number for 2009, I think I’m going to try something different.

I have found it frighteningly easy to fall into the habit of reading books to enjoy, but to also increase the number of books I’ve read. For next year I’m ignoring (as best as I can) the quantity of books I’ve read in exchange for a bit more quality. In 2009 each month I’m going to focus on a different author:

January for Julia Alvarez, February for Roddy Doyle, March for Willa Cather, April for Haruki Murakami, May for Toni Morrison, June for Albert Camus, July for Joyce Carol Oates, August for F. Scott Fitzgerald, September for Banana Yoshimoto, October for Dave Eggers, November for Virginia Woolf, and December for Kurt Vonnegut.

I picked these authors because I own a lot of their books and I will endeavour to read three to five books at least for each author. This doesn’t mean that I won’t read works by other authors, but I’m very much attracted to this idea of focusing.

And that’s enough about me: How was your holidays? Do you have any reading plans set for 2009?



For me, it’s a challenge to read 50 books, so my hat’s off to you!

Comment by Rachel

That’s a great idea. I often read one book by an author and it might be years before I come back to them. Focusing sounds refreshing! No specific plans for me for 2009 except to try not to buy so darn many books.

Comment by Andi

My reading challenges for 2009.
1.I joined a reading challenge for 2009, the goal is to read a list of 4 classic literature books.
2.Read more books esp. on historical figures.

Comment by MissDaisyAnne

I wondered about the entire year. :( It’s passed by so quickly for me. As far as 2009, I plan on putting more time into participating in book challenges as well as hosting them and less time accepting books to review.

Comment by J. Kaye

Perusal of the Booker shortlist will roll over to 2009. Other than that, I will be spontaneous. I will read whatever comes my way that sounds interesting. I don’t know if I can defend my record this year—77 books is quite difficult to beat. Quality is always more important to me.

Comment by Matthew

I’m very much looking forward to Eggers in October.

As for reading goals in 2009, my main goal is to begin to read the books I already own before accumulating piles of new ones.

Comment by Ashotick

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