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Bookends: Adventures in Reading
September 22, 2008, 11:30 am
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I’m “posting” this on September 18th though it won’t show up for a few days. But since September 14th I’ve had no electricity, which hasn’t been too bad but definitely has some frustrations: no laptop use for writing papers, no well-lit areas to read, and cooking in the dark has resulted in a lot of unnecessary eating out. Hopefully by the time this post appears that magic wand of electricity will touch the circuits of my humble abode.

Blog wise a lot has been going on at Adventures in Reading: the layout has been tweaked with a new banner I am particularly taken with, I’ve poorly utilized Flickr to display some of the books I’ve read, I’ve hooked up an RSS feed to display some of my favorite posts (see if you’re on the list!), my Links have been moved to a separate page for the sake of tidiness, and I also had a brief mad bout of trying to link my reviews to other reviews with a modicum of success.