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Bookends: Oh the challenges!

I’ve given up on the Newbery Project. I read the first few pages of the Dark Frigate by C.B. Hawes and proceeded to moan and groan. After looking over the Newbery list, as commendable as it may be, I realized there wasn’t really anything that I wanted to read or that I had read and been terribly impressed with. Saying this, I feel like I’m tripping a small child, but I might return to another children’s award reading challenge like the Amelia Bloomer Project.

I would like to thank and congratulate Heather over at BookAddiction for being my first participant of my Bookmooch via Blogging. If you haven’t heard previously, I end my book comments with a conclusion that includes the books I’m adding to Bookmooch. If the book interests you, leave a comment with your Bookmooch username and I’ll reserve the book for you.

I’ve also been finding some discrepancies within my “Year in Review 2008” list, which is a little annoying and goes to show my poor recording skills. (Or just poor recollection: I’ve just spent the last 30-minutes hunting my misplaced copy of Dracula!)

Bookends: Adventures in Reading
September 22, 2008, 11:30 am
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I’m “posting” this on September 18th though it won’t show up for a few days. But since September 14th I’ve had no electricity, which hasn’t been too bad but definitely has some frustrations: no laptop use for writing papers, no well-lit areas to read, and cooking in the dark has resulted in a lot of unnecessary eating out. Hopefully by the time this post appears that magic wand of electricity will touch the circuits of my humble abode.

Blog wise a lot has been going on at Adventures in Reading: the layout has been tweaked with a new banner I am particularly taken with, I’ve poorly utilized Flickr to display some of the books I’ve read, I’ve hooked up an RSS feed to display some of my favorite posts (see if you’re on the list!), my Links have been moved to a separate page for the sake of tidiness, and I also had a brief mad bout of trying to link my reviews to other reviews with a modicum of success.

Weekly Geeks #1
April 27, 2008, 1:52 pm
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I’ve been plugging away at Adventures in Reading for what will soon be a year and I have been having a terrific time at it, and most of the credit has to go to all of the other book and reading bloggers I’ve discovered. So with perfect timing (though I’m running a bit late myself!) The Hidden Side of a Leaf is kicking off the first Weekly Geeks theme to discover new blogs.

Kay’s Bookshelf is a blog after my own heart. As I often suffer from rather limited Internet time it can be difficult making it through long and involved reviews (though hello, I’m entirely guilty of this myself), but Kay provides brilliant information and in a succinct layout. Definitely a blog I will be returning to.

The mood and tone of The Ax For the Frozen Sea’s posts – I love it.

When I stopped in at Trish’s Reading Nook I first scanned the most current posts and thought: Hey, she’s read every book I’ve picked up at work and thought could be interesting. Part of my attraction to book bloggers is to find bloggers with similar (though not too similar) tastes and I dare say that Trish has a great attraction to books and a riveting manner of describing her reading experience.

Though Books I Done Read was not on Dewey’s list, I must confess that this has to be one of my favorite blogs to read. The blogger writes with such honesty and flavor. I confess that this is one of the few blogs that I read every word of each post. The blog’s sensational and smart.