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November 2, 2008, 2:47 pm
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It is November already, can you believe it? and it has been many weeks since* I’ve said anything about working conditions at the bookstore. To say the least, the holiday season is upon us and I am not at all looking forward to months and months of Christmas music being piped in that I can’t ignore despite my best efforts.

The holiday season is not a period of jovial festivities in the retail world, but rather more reminiscent of war times where we’re all encouraged to bunker down, ration our resources, and heaven-help-us-all please wash your hands or we’ll all have strep throat by the end of the week! It doesn’t help that I’m not too keen on the holiday season to start with, and that yearly a handful of bad nuts wreck any optimism or hope I have for humankind.

On the good side, within two days the agonizingly painful maintenance count of the Obama versus McCain books will cease.

*Thanks Carson!


The Hogfather Movie

Finally I have been able to get my hands on a copy of the film adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s book The Hogfather. The day it finally arrived from Netflix I was thrilled, went all out making croquettes, and finally settled down to watch. My love affair with the Discworld series is long extending, but when I heard that Pratchett’s first two novels are also being adapted I was quite motivated to watch this one.

After the first twenty minutes or so of the film I had to hold a brief internal discussion with myself as I found myself criticizing “It’s not like that in the book” and so forth. Thwarting myself from not enjoying the film, I spent quite a pleasant time with Vadim Jean’s interpretation of the book. But then this is always a concern with any adaptation.

Okay, but what I did struggle with was Teatime as he was nothing at all as I had imagined the character. The character was meant to be adult in a kind of child-like twisted manner, but I was mostly annoyed by him. Perhaps I wasn’t a close enough reader but I had configured an entirely different character from what was presented on screen. I was also let down a bit that the beggars were cut from the ending.

But otherwise it was a brilliant film that I greatly enjoyed. When I went to work after the film I was pleasantly surprised that a co-worker had become hooked on the series after seeing the film last Thanksgiving. I don’t envy anyone the task of trying to put a book on film and particularly when it’s excerpted from such a lengthy and long standing series as the Discworld. But I greatly enjoyed the film and am looking forward to future adaptations.

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