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Is Bookophile a Word & Other Ponderings
November 9, 2007, 6:36 am
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I began writing today’s post and in the first sentence I referred to myself as a “bookophile.” This is a word I have seen often throughout literary blogs and internet communities and always assumed meant a lover and collector of books. However, after looking at, Meriam-Websters Online, Online Etymology Dictionary, Urban Dictionary, Wiktionary, and the Oxford English Dictionary I can find no definition or information on the word “bookophile.” However, a Google search provides more than 5,000 hits for the word, which makes me assume it does exist, but not officially it seems.

Of late my reading habits have been progressing quite slowly as a result of somewhat book related matters in my life. First, my book collection has taken over my house and the stacks have become hazardously high. I have been forced to find a larger abode to house my growing library. This is only mostly in jest as there certainly is a grain of truth about those hazardous stacks. However, since November I have been searching for a new home and have finally found the perfect place. The move includes the addition of a sixth bookshelf, and this will hopefully buy me time before I have to consider a seventh. However, over the next few weeks I will most likely be posting before and after pictures of my bookshelves.

Secondly, I gave in and began cataloging my books. After playing and fiddling with a variety of online or downloaded book applications, I decided that over all it would simply be easier to go about it the old fashioned way and create an Excel form and enter my own information. The two deciding factors in this are the reliance of many of these programs on the ISBN number, which books (for the most part) prior to the 70s do not have, and that the printable list of books seldom includes a physical comment on the book (such as if the book is a mass market book or has library binding). I have been cataloging roughly 40 books a day and it has been rather enjoyable. I have come across some books I had no idea I owned and some books I have managed to get four copies of.

Finally, and this is the big one, I began looking for a literacy group to volunteer with and I successfully found one. In less than an hour I will be breakfasting with members of the group to discuss the organization’s goals as well as my training. For years I have not had much luck with volunteering, but working with a literacy campaign seems perfect for me. Once the training starts I am sure that I will have the occasional posts about what I am up to as a literacy volunteer.