Adventures in Reading

Nonfiction: First Stop in the New World by David Lida

While taking my Spanish classes I have been particularly interested in exploring what I can of Spanish speaking culture. Thanks to the wonders of Bookmooch, I have picked up an array of authors but hadn’t really delved into much of the non-fiction sphere. Until I stumbled across David Lida’s First Stop in the New World in the new hardcover stack.

Located under travel writing (another first for me!), David Lida has lived mostly in Mexico City since the ‘90s. As an American who moved to Mexico City, I appreciated his honesty in the introduction of meeting the reality of Mexico City as a tourist after much of the negative propaganda that has surrounded the city. The title of the book First Stop in the New World explores the idea of Mexico City as a hypermetropolis and the idea that Mexico City is representative of the actuality of a city in the 21st Century.

Written as a somewhat loose collection of essays, Lida admits an entire book could almost be based off of every chapter, the reader explores many nuances of Mexico City from politics to food to sports to music and so forth. With a delightful eye for detail and the wonderful ability of apt socio-cultural criticism, Lida never shies away from displaying the glamor as well as the grit of Mexico City.