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Read My Book, Please
August 11, 2008, 2:52 pm
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One of the unexpected benefits of book blogging is that occasionally authors or publishers contact me to review a book. I have had a growing handful now ranging from a short story collection to an academic look at the history of children’s literature to a novella by an up-and-coming young author. However, it is also somewhat nerve racking. Obviously these people want a positive review of their work and so far I have had luck where the books I have received are appealing and interesting. More or less, I stick with accepting books I would have picked up on my own anyway.

But the other day I had an e-mail request to review a book that was Christian inspirational. I like to think of myself as open minded and able to enjoy a well-crafted book regardless of the themes or ideologies tackled within the pages; but I’m an atheist and I have had no luck finding any pearls of wisdom, enjoyment, or even half-decent reads with books like Tuesdays With Morrie, The Secret, The Last Lecture, etc. So really, what are my chances of finding anything appealing about this book and providing my honest opinion?

It has taken me longer to write this post than it took me to come to a decision. I let them know that I was open to reviewing any book that came my way, but I felt it was only fair that they knew where I was coming from. Free books are lovely but not worth selling out on my own opinion. I was sure though to tack on a few other bloggers I’m aware of that may have a greater interest in the book.