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Fiction: Juniper by Monica Furlong
September 18, 2008, 11:52 am
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“The night I was born, according to my nurse, Erith, was a night of black frost and dense darkness in a bitter January.”

Juniper is the prequel to Monica Furlong’s book Wise Child and tells the story of Juniper, Wise Child’s mentor and local doran (or witch/shaman/healer), who was a princess turned doran. Juniper is born into a life of wealth and privilege but during her adolescents she leaves this world for the environment of her godmother Euny. Euny, also a doran, trains Juniper who ultimately returns to her kingdom to heal it and to find her own power.

Part of my enjoyment of reading Monica Furlong’s books is Furlong herself. Though now deceased, she had a fascinating life. Juniper is an interesting read exploring certain thematic issues of jealousy and power, and particularly when these pertain to the place of women within this world. Juniper’s aunt, happens to be an enchantress (e.g. one of the bad guys), but we learn that her aunt (as well as Juniper) are displaced as rightful heirs to the throne because of the birth of a male child. Juniper is a lovely book and I’m excited to start reading Colman the sequel to Wise Child.

Conclusion: Returned to library.