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Bookends: Reading one at a time
September 13, 2008, 12:54 pm
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My last two books (and my current one) I’ve been trying something new: reading only one book at a time. Like many readers, I find myself with a stack of books and the result of over indulging is that I often find myself with three or more books going at once. Fortunately this usually means that I spend more time total reading, but unfortunately I become a competitive reader and do my best to speed-read through the passages. With reading only one book at a time I find myself more strongly focusing on it, but I’m reading more slowly and overall seem to be spending less time reading.

Also, I’ve been cutting down on the length of some of my book comments. The last thing I want is for my reader responses to feel like “homework” and really when I’m reading for enjoyment two or three paragraphs is plenty. Not that I can’t wax poetic from time to time, but I should never feel it’s something I have to do.