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Chuck Palahniuk’s latest book Snuff is out and with the most god awful cover. While I am attempting to reserve opinion of the actual book until I have read it, the cover is simply atrocious and the digital format actually does it justice. I keep wondering what high schooler created this cover with Photoshop and it is particularly disappointing when you consider most of Palahniuk’s book covers are quite attractive. I hope that someone will most definitely redesign this before it comes out in paperback.

Over at Pharyngula’s blog there’s a post and some great follow up posts about bookstore “vandalism.” Apparently some guys took books out of the bible studies section, redistributed them throughout the story, and left a lone copy of Sam Harrison’s Christian Nation. How original. While most of the athest/religious hubbub has died down in my store we are dealing with a lot of political book shuffling. Most commonly this is reflected in people flipping over Obama books, which I really cannot say is a huge issue to remedy.

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