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“Glamour Pony” Books
October 29, 2008, 1:21 pm
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“Because these are the moneymakers and rent payers; these are the glamour ponies.”

I stumbled across Stephen King’s article in the New York Times on the American short story via the Writer’s Report. Though it’s an older article printed roughly around the same time the Best American Short Stories 2007 (the one King edited) was published, I discovered a fascinating book-related term: “glamour pony.”

So into the bookstore I go, and what do I see first? A table filled with best-selling hardcover fiction at prices ranging from 20 percent to 40 percent off. James Patterson is represented, as is Danielle Steel, as is your faithful correspondent. Most of this stuff is disposable, but it’s right up front, where it hits you in the eye as soon as you come in, and why? Because these are the moneymakers and rent payers; these are the glamour ponies.

One, it’s a great term to describe an area of books I tend to stay away from, but perhaps it’s most interesting as King includes himself in this lost, which he also describes as being “most[ly] … disposable.” I have never read anything by King and I have frequently stayed away from him and have written him off as a glamour pony author. But here he is referring to himself in the same way. In recent years, King seems to have received quite a few hat tips from more elitist and influential literati. So what’s up with this? Is King writing himself off? Is it merely tongue in cheek?

Regardless, I have a new way to refer to those “junky” books up front: glamour pony.