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Bookish Ideas
November 5, 2007, 9:18 am
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Books and coffee are nearly inseparably concepts for me. As the winter weather begins to suggest itself through early morning frost clinging to my windshield and wispy flakes of snow making ever so brief appearances, I am reminded to visit my local grocery to pick up eggnog and some of the many delightful holiday specific coffee creamers. Yesterday a friend and I went to paint ceramics (my first time), and while I had a splendid time and will soon be the proud owner of an enormous coffee mug/soup bowl (once it has been fired), but my creative juices were stagnant to say the least. Of course the day after a delightful idea strikes me: ceramics with literary quotes or even famous silhouettes (Jane Austen cookie dishes anyone!?). Part of this idea was inspired by my recent perusal of Literary Tattoos, and some of the ingenious ways people have found to love literature outside of the book. I will be sure to update as the ceramic ideas come along, but I am now quite interested in seeing how people use literature in their lives.