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This is a great great blog! Mind if I bookmark you? (Sorry, have done already! :) )…
I was searching for something like this, will be delighted to share your adventures!
1000 books! You are stinking rich (and not economically, I mean)

Comment by Life's Elsewhere

I would love to have you bookmark me and I am glad you have stumbled onto my blog!

Comment by bookchronicle

I’ve bookmarked you too. Lovely blog.

Comment by Ms. Place

i appreciate your blog. literature is the best. =D

Comment by luisaluisa

Have added you to my Blogroll…thanks for the great work and sharing your insights!

Comment by artidkc

I perform with the Missile Dick Chicks (as Dubya in a mask). Anyhow curious to know what text book in your gender class refers to the missile dick chicks? Thanks

Comment by Elliot

Elliot, I think you may be thinking of Man in Self-Arrest’s blog over at

Comment by bookchronicle

I just stumbled across your blog the other day and am just loving it! It’s great to find another Jane Austen fan, as well as some current book reivews, all in the same place!

Comment by JaneFan

Your blog is so gooood!

Comment by balkan

I just started a reading blog myself, to which I shouldn’t even place a link after seeing yours, but will: I won’t gush over your blog like everyone else, because I’m sure you’ve heard it all previously. I will say, though, you are now on my Google Reader, and the first site on my blogroll. You have given me a lot to attempt to live up to.

Comment by unfinished

Justareadingfool: What a wonderful comment to brighten my Sunday afternoon! Thank you. I started my blog to help me maintain focus on my reading and to prod myself to actually read rather than scan books. I’m looking forward to reading more posts on your blog!

Comment by bookchronicle

I’m sure I’ve seen your blog in places as we have almost the same name (an adventure in reading) so when I saw your name at the ‘weekly geeks’ I decided to come check you out.
I especially love the woman reading posters.
Nice to meet you.

Comment by raidergirl3

raidergirl3: I’ve stumbled across your blog at least a few times and admit the first time I felt a a stab of guilt for having such a similar name! But there’s plenty of room to blog and thank you for stopping in.

Comment by bookchronicle

You know, BC, these similarities in names happen. I was so careful to find a blog with a name that was unique in the blogosphere. After several months, I discovered that there was a Jane Austen Regency World Magazine and a book with the same title as my blog, Jane Austen’s World. You can’t win for trying! Again, I love to visit your blog and see what’s new. Your new design has clarity, it is very easy to navigate, and I can spend hours reading your posts.

Comment by Vic (Ms. Place)

Vic: I suppose it’s similar to choosing a new e-mail address. You think you have something that no one else is going to have. I mean, after all, how many people have the exact same name or interests? But then you spend 30-minutes on Gmail and realize that there must be dozens of people that want the same thing. Thanks so much for the compliments – it is worthy praise indeed!

Comment by bookchronicle

Love the blog! Very accessible writing style, interesting content. I’ve linked to you!

— Laura

Comment by The Bookworm

Hello – I saw your naked link @ “Library thing” -” The Enchantress of Florence” by S.Rushdie and thought that it might have been a mistake – Read some of your blog and some of your reviews ad wanted to see a bit of who you are – cause your reviews don’t reveal much – and under “About me” lo and behold ; It’s only complimentary comments from your readers – That tells me, that the bare link wasn’t a mistake at all! You’re just not a very modest person, are you? – You even have a little paragraph for authors to send you their books!
All this just to tell you, that it would be nice to know who you are? ( No, not your name and address and such details) But what makes you a reader and what makes you a critic ?
With all my respect

Comment by Gabriela Rosenkilde

I think that was floating in and out of my reading as well. ,

Comment by Bob29

please could you tell me what your name is and what publications you write reviews for? I am studying daughter of fortune for a gcse exam and need to look at different reviews, would like to include your ideas however I need your name/published name please!! thankyou very much.

Comment by holly eckles

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